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Team outing

Today was great. My normal work hours are 8:30 to 5:30 (but 6-6:30 is more the norm). So I get to work at 8:30am, read a few work emails and news articles, check some processes on the system, yada, yada, yada. At 10:30 I start preping some food for a picnic lunch at the bbq pits. 11am the picnic lunch starts. At 12:30 we head off on a scavenger hunt. The goal is to get digital pictures of all the listed items. So we hop in a car and head out. We are almost all of the way thru and our camera battery DIES. It wont even close the shutter, D-E-A-D dead.

But luckily we ran into a team mate, on a competing team, and talk him out of his camera. We go and reshoot all of the pictures we had already made. There are a few items that we had photographed at headquarters so we are pulling back into the parking lot at work. And we realize that a few of the re-made pictures did not meet the rules. Doh! And since the other teams are already heading to the meeting spot, we concede defeat and go join the group (last I might add).

The meeting spot is at SpeedZone, a gocart / minigolf / arcade type place. Management had gotten a group package which included a card w/unlimited play on it ... cool! So we play a couple of games, ride the gocarts, race each other at the drag strip, and race the clock at the grand prix. You get 3 runs at the drag strip and guess who took all 3 rounds, if you guessed me then you're a winner too! I took best track time at the grand prix too. Kinda makes up for the whole camera / booby prize incident.

After that was over a bunch of us stayed around and hung out to let rush hour traffic die down.

Oh yeah, the winners of the scavenger hunt get another half day off. What a cool place to work for ... are ya jealous?

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  2. It's 100 degrees in Arkadelphia ... isn't Texas hotter than Arkansas? How many were willing to suffer sweating long enough to try to beat you on the go cart track?? :-) Just teasing, smart aleck coming out yet again! REALLY am jealous of your work atmosphere, at COX, they are *requiring* all employees to *volunteer* off duty time in at least 4 projects this year. Does that sound like volunteer to you? They won't count camp because I didn't hang a Cox banner up! Something in me rebells at being told to use my off duty time to promote Cox. Now, now, I like my job and like the company, just don't want to be told what to do after work.

    Been wanting to take Kaden to some stock car races. Our Sunday School class is having a social at the race car track Saturday night, children invited. Can't wait. Am told it is a "country" track, bleachers might be dirty and broken, so bring your own chair, eatin' place only takes cash, plan on it being loud and dirty. Can't wait!


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  4. "But luckily we ran into a team mate, on a competing team, and talk him out of his camera."

    What a smuck to give away his camera!



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