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Zdrastvotye Roccia!

Hello Russia!

I know it's been a while since I posted on this blog ... but I set this up mainly for my Russia trips. Well guess what? 2005 Trip Banner I'm headed back there in 1 week! Friday September 22nd to be exact ... wow, I need to get to the candy, dollar general, and travel stores! :-D

We have a somewhat small group this year. But at the same time, we have 2 NBC ladies headed to Ekat for a 1+ year stint (Short Term International Trip). So we should be good to engage the usual 5 classes of English lessions.

For those praying for us ... please pray

  • students would turn out for the English class testing
  • close connections for those who come
  • that the students would like to spend time w/ us
  • that the Holy Spirit would give us the words to say and that the students would see His Love and we would not get into the way
  • that Darin's downs syndrome son Bear would be accepted in Russian's schools
  • for culture shock for the new peeps going to Ekat
  • for the new church being estabolished and the stinters living there for the next year
  • and (of course) for openness to the Gospel and to Jesus as their saviour!!

Hopefully I will be able to update you all from Russia. I have yet to stay in a hotel for more than 1 year. Our hotel last year had an internet connection and the year before we found an internet hotspot. I will try to keep this blog current during my trip. Thanks so much for reading and praying!! ... Paka (see ya ...)!

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