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Home again!

Hey y'all,

I tried to post last night but my internet connection was down and refused to come up. Called SBC tech support today and they said there was "no problems", but my connection "coincidently" started working a couple of hours later. Hmmmmm. Only this isn't the first such "conincidence".

Anywho, we are back safe and sound. We left the hotel ~ 9am Ekat.RU time and I got home ~ 2am CDT.US time. That's 10pm CDT Saturday thru 2am CDT Monday; or 28 hours of traveling! And I know that others got home later than I did. The trip was pretty standard, including a 1-1.5 hour delay in Chicago b/c of bad weather. Our baggage carrousel was C-31, but AA was nice enough to reroute our baggage to C-4. So after a bit of scrambling around we were all set. BTW, thanks Bob and Julie for the ride!!

I'll post some additional thoughts and a photo album later. Just wanted you to know we all made it back safe and sound!

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