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Urgent Prayer Needed

I know not everyone who reads my blog is a Believer, but please pray for or "lift up" this request in anyway you know how!

My brother-in-law Robbie got some bad news this weekend. He was passing so much blood that the doctors said it had to be kidney cancer related and they needed to run tests. They were hoping it was contained in just the one kidney.

Well I just got word that it is cancer and has at least spread into the adrenal glands. Plus there is a "spot" on the other kidney. They will be running tests on his lungs, the next logical place the cancer invades.

Surgery is imminent, there is no way around it. Right now the best possible outcome is the removal of one kidney and not a lung. Although I do not know what they will do about the cancer in the adrenals. I understand this cancer cannot be treated via chemo. So surgery is about the only recourse.

Robbie has four beautiful children with one on the way. Friday he was a healthy man and today ... Today he is a man with a future with one kidney. I won't contemplate anything less. Please remember him in your prayers.


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