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Thanks to Veerle for her guest post:
Sleeping sheep by signs with Z(s)

"There are times one sees without seeing and then there will be those precious moments one sees and beholds a thing, instantly grabbing the humour of it. My brother, Jeroen Meeuwsen (jazzgitarist and photographer) was innocently boating on the IJssel, a Dutch river, when he came across this scene and took a picture of it. One sees, one gets it, one smiles and one clicks his camera. All in a matter of seconds, because the boat floats on. Still, there you have it, a still-live of sleeping sheep. The picture has proven to be of help to anyone suffering from insomnia..."

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  1. Thanks for reading my post and comments that follow ...
  2. Great picture! Could have used it last night about midnight tho... ::sigh:: oh well...


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