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A 3 blog night (ur umm, i mean jury duty)

I have jury duty tomorrow (Apr 12th). This about the 4th time in 2 years that I've been called up. That WAY exceeds the total number summons that I've had up til now (total til now = 0). But since the city, local, and state summons are counted seperately; I guess it is legal. I wonder how they'll like my appearance? See my "appearance" in the final pic in this post (I'm on the right in the last image).

BTW, for those of you who didnt get the "A 3 blog night" reference ... Playing small California clubs, the ensemble still had no permanent name, until one night, Danny's girlfriend, June Fairchild, came up with a suggestion. She had read a magazine article about the Australian aborigines, who on cold nights, would sleep beside their dogs for warmth. The very coldest weather was called a "three dog night".

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  1. Thanks for reading my post and comments that follow ...
  2. Check out these lyrics... Hope your JD day is better than this, but the chorus is particularly meaningful I think. (btw, these lyrics describe a true day in the life of the lyricist -- poor guy!)


  3. Thx bun-girl, I will check them out!

    BTW, even tho I cannot discuss the case, you are talking to Juror #1. :-O


  4. Umm... congrats? condolences? Take your pick!


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