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Robbie update from Ekat

First, I posted an update on our Talk the Talk classes on our missions blog: Ekat Friday Update

I know I posted a lot of news in one blog last time, I hope you could take it all in. Here are some more details that I did not know. Thanks to Roxie for being our family's "Great Communicator". 8^)

Robbie & Rhonda have been led to believe that if the pathology reports show cancer that has metastasized insurance will pay for chemotherapy treatment. If the pathology reports show that there is no metastasized cancer, the insurance will state that the cancer was completely removed via surgery and no chemotherapy is needed. If Robbie is approved for a clinical trial, the chemo treatment would be free. This is an issue that we ask you to pray about.

Robbie & Rhonda have been told that "renal cell cancer" does not respond to chemotherapy; however, the clinical trial is for a new type of drug that inhibits the cancer cells from being able to attach to other cells and metastasize (spread). At this point, Robbie & Rhonda would like to pursue this treatment.

The surgeon said that leaving the left adrenal in Robbie was a judgment call that he had to make during surgery. He felt the health benefits and improved quality of life for Robbie were important enough to leave the adrenal. We have been told that you can live with one adrenal just as you can live with one kidney. Since Robbie has an adrenal gland, he will not be required to be on medication for the rest of his life. We are overjoyed with that outcome!

Rhonda was still a little nervous about leaving any tissue that had even remotely touched the cancer tumor or kidney. Melissa Chu, a friend and doctor from Harrison, called to follow up on Robbie this afternoon. Melissa shared that the kidney is encased in a thick protective cover and it is really possible that the cancer was contained in that cover and did not infect the left adrenal. Rhonda had more peace about the situation after visiting with Melissa. Even if the left adrenal has been exposed to renal cell cancer cells, we are praying that the chemo treatment will resolve that issue.

Thanks for all your prayers about Robbie and about the Ekat trip!

Commrade Rodney

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