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Priveyet from Siberia

Hello from Siberia Russia!

We have been really busy. We have been visiting at least 2 sites a day, including 3 prisons and 1 summer camp. Some days we were up at 5:30am and in bed after 11pm. Some days it was a 4 hour ride out to the sites and one day was 5 hour ride. But it's really been a great time. We visited a men's rehab center and met a lot of great guys and heard some convicting testimonies. This is the first internet opportunity I've had yet.

Today we went to Russian churches and talked about our project and we got to eat lunch with a family from the church. Our team split up and went to 4 churches. At our host home we sang songs, ate some good Russian food, played games, told jokes, etc... Fun time were had by all!

The time in the prisons has opened doors and established relationships for the local believers to do more ministry once we leave. Dan and Rene gave a seminar in a near by town on prison ministry yesterday (they have been in prison ministry for 33 years). People came in from as far away as the Urals and Moldavia to attend. It is something that has been needed, and has been prayed for, here for years. God is getting ready to do a great work in the prisons here in Siberia and in all of Russia. Pray for access to the prisons and for open hearts of the prisoners.

The kids at the summer camp were sooooo cute that I want to stay and just be at camp all summer! :) If you don't see me back by next Monday, you'll know where to look.

There are so many stories to tell, but I have to go so that will have to wait till I get back I guess.

From Russia with Love

P.S. ok one last story. I am sitting at an internet cafe with my roommate's laptop b/c I am LOCKED out of my room! :-(( The lock just jammed and won't open, thank goodness for the diversion and the chance to update you all. They have called a carpenter to drill the lock, but he is out in his dacha which is about 2 hours outside the city. So we'll see how that goes. Keep PRAYING for us! And God bless you. :)

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