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Back at the Iset

We're back at the Iset hotel. So I have access to the internet again. I've been offline since we moved to the flats 3 days ago. But I've been so busy, I probably would not have posted anyway. :p

The "Talk the Talk" classes are going great! We have 3 classes instead of the anticipated 4, but that actually works better for us and makes each of the classes a little bit larger. We all have a great group of kids and I have really enjoyed hanging out with them. We have been signing students up for "excursion" appointments during the day. And we hang out at a local cafe after class to talk, eat, learn about each other, and (of course) laugh a lot! :)) I enjoy teaching them slang and they like returning the favor.

Oh, let me tell you about our new digs. When we got in on Sunday we found that the hotel had mixed up our reservation. Faithfully, God provided us 2 flats to stay in for 3 nights till the Iset could accomdate us again. So this morning we get our bags packed and loaded into "taxis" (def: taxi == just 1 guy and his car) and get checked into the Iset hotel. I stuff my bags into the lift and go up to my room; I open the door and I find we are staying in a delux suite! Sweet! I guess since the mixup was their fault and they are a reputable hotel, and since we stay here every year; they decided to give us the "delux apartment in the sky" for the price of a normal room. Kruta! I think the rooms we got were well worth the 3 days of inconvenience. Maybe this was in God's greater plan?

Please pray for continued strengh, for 2 of our team members who are leaving for the US on Sunday morning, and for our students to continue with the classes and attend the "Forrest Fun Party".

See you soon .... Paka, Rodney.

P.S. I am getting some good photos, I will upload them when I get back ... stay tuned.

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