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Arrived in Russia

Hello all,

It is about 4pm here is Russia. We arrived last night after about 20 hours of traveling. It was a lot easier this year compared to last. But it was still tiring. We had a good night sleep and are ready to go.

We got to have lunch with Darin and his staff and some of our friends we made last year.

Answered prayer! We only had about 40 students enroll before last week. On Wednesday of this week 130 additional students enrolled and tested and so we can fill all 5 classes!

Keep praying for us ...

P.S. when we got here, Gene (intern w/ NBC) handed out a bunch of letters of encouragement from friends and family back home. That was so cool. Thanks to all who took time to wite to us!! Thx again.

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  1. Thanks for reading my post and comments that follow ...
  2. Hi JR ....
    Did you get the encouraging note that I wrote to you? Just curious because the person collecting the letters just e-mailed me the day before you left, said they just got my address. You wouldn't miss home much if you were here. It has rained for 4 days straight. We're about to float away. We have a new Family Life Minister at church. He preached today and said when he moved to Arkansas, he thought it didn't rain here, now he thinks it will never stop! :-) Kara and I are repacking our Dallas suitcases. Thinking we might need long sleeves or a light jacket at the State Fair! The weather has turned cooler with the rain. We are looking forward to our Dallas trip, thanks for letting us use your house!
    Roxie & Kara


  3. I had Jury Duty yesterday - loads of fun over a Class B Misdemeanor. Got back to work today and checked your blog, hoping for an update. I am glad you have made it safely and are prepared to do God's work.

    You are in my prayers.


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