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Robbie's pathology

This is some information I am forwarding from my sister:

Robbie's left kidney and right adrenal both tested as renal cell (kidney) cancer. The specific type of renal cell is called Clear cell renal cell carcinoma. There are 5 types of renal cell cancer with clear cell accounting for about 80% of cases.

Kidney cancer is given a type(above), a grade, and then a stage. Robbie's grade is 4 on a scale of 1-4 with 4 being the most aggressive. The stage of this cancer is called the TNM Staging System with the letter T describing the tumors size- 0-3 describes size, N followed by 0-2 indicates whether the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes, and M followed by 0 or 1 indicates whether or not the cancer has metastasized (spread). Robbies stage is T2,M1,N0. That is a little complicated but its the info from his pathology report if you want to research anything.

The doctor is hopeful that he got all the cancer as it was contained in the kidney and the adrenal but due to the spread to the right adrenal there could be other cells that traveled thru the bloodstream. So, he advised that Robbie take Sutent - an oral chemo as a preventative measure. We will be seeing an oncologist in Harrison who will give us more info this follow up treatment. Then Robbie will be tested with upper and lower CT scans every 3 months.

We were told that if this cancer returns that we would be talking treatment but not cure so please pray with us that all the cancer is gone if that is the Lords will!!!! Robbie is doing great after surgery - got his 31 staples out today and his Doctor said he wished he would have brought his camera for another picture as he is very proud of his work! The doctor said his mentor from MD Anderson was coming to visit in 2 weeks and he was editing the video of Robbie's surgery to show him! Robbie will be selling copies! ha!!

Thanks for all your prayers and support - they have really sustained us!!!

Rhonda, Robbie and family

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