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Chloe and Jury Duty

No, they haven't gotten around to summoning babies yet. Following is an update on Chloe and following that is a note about my jury duty on Monday.

Chloe (from my brother-in-law)

It isn't over until the paperwork is done. The discharge paperwork has begun this morning! We will be headed home exactly three weeks to the day of admission. We are so grateful for the quick recovery. There are many families that have been waiting for weeks and months to bring their little ones home. Our hearts go out to those families in CVICU, remember to pray for them as they wait to be discharged. We feel tremendously blessed by everyone's support through this stressful time. God is good, all the time.

Jury Duty

I got summoned but didn't get picked somehow. I have been on 2 felony trials and was foreman for 1 of them. My "neighbor" (juror #29) got picked, but me (juror #30) did not. I like "Cops" and those type shows and kinda enjoyed (don't let it get out) my other jury experiences. But this one was an agravated sexual assualt case ... boy did I NOT want to hear that case. Luckily I didn't get picked for this one.

During vordire the DA was making a point about witnessing in cases like this. The DA picked a woman juror and told us we were going to do an experiment. She asked the lady to take the stand and tell us, in detail, about the last time she was "with" her husband. Including everything that was said, everything that was done, and how she felt. Obviously she said all this for effect and to kind of put us in the shoes of anyone having to give witness in this case .... BUT THE LADY STOOD UP! She actually started to head to the witness box! The DA stopped her, the judge about fell over, and I think I fell out of my seat. Too funny. Boy was she relieved when she was told she didn't have to actually go through with it. Do I need to tell you that she got picked as a juror? .... Nah didn't think so. :-))

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