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Chloe update

This is some information sent to me from my sister Roxie (not the mom in question):

We just spoke with Heath. Chloe has been diagnosed with "transposition of the great arteries". The functions of her aorta and pulmonary arteries are switched. Oxygenated blood is going to her lungs and not being pumped through her body.

Heath says that a "septostomy" is being performed this afternoon. The septostomy is an atrial balloon that is being inserted into Chloe's groin. It will mix the blood properly for her.

Heath says that Arkansas Children's Hospital wants to stabilize Chloe for one week, then do open heart surgery. They will be in Little Rock at least two weeks.

Heath says that they are checking into the Ronald McDonald house this afternoon and will let us know if they need any housing assistance.

Heath and Renae have been told that this problem is common and correctable via surgery. We don't believe Chloe's life is in immediate danger although surgery is needed asap.

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