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It's wierd

When I got back from Russia, there are habits you form there that you have to break. For instance, the tap water over there does NOT go in your mouth. Yes you bathe in it, but that's all. You brush your teeth from a cup of bottled water. One of the wierdest things was to force myself to put my toothbrush under running tap water. It just didn't feel natural ... much less rinsing with tap water. I don't remember feeling that in years gone bye.

And we ate soooo much at breakfast, but we'd walk from 3-6 hours that day. When I ate my usual bowl of cereal or oatmeal, I was famished by 9:30am! I guess you get your metabolism ramped up with all that walking and it doesn't know that you're planning on sitting in front of a computer for the next 8+ hours. I wish Dallas was built so that walking WAS an alternative. But walking 20-30 minutes will get you nowhere in Dallas, but in Ekat it can get you to almost anything you might need.

Maybe I'm just part European trapped in an Amerikanets body? Excuse me while I go sit on a stationary bike.  :-/

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