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Russia 2007

It's been a great two weeks in Russia again ... trip number 5! It has been a typical two weeks and it has been anything but typical for two weeks. It was the best of times .... ooops, I digress. :-)

It has been interesting only having 2 people on the team for the first week. But that in itself was good. It was good to have Chris and Holly join us for the second week. They communicate with their students a lot better than I do after we get back to the states. That is challenging to me to see that since I am not a great communicator by nature.

Forest Fun Party here we come! I hope Jerry doesn't mind me sharing this .... when announcements were made for the "Forest Fun Party", he took it as "Forced Fun Party". :-)) You WILL have fun and you WILL enjoy yourself ... or ELSE!

No, not Forced ... Forest. What we do is load all the students that can go onto 2 or 3 busses and go out of the city to a retreat center. Darin and the stinters have games and activities for us. It is a non-stop 24 hour fun fest. Sadly we have to leave the party at midnight to get back to the hotel for some sleep and to get to the airport in time for our flights out. I would like to be there for the whole thing, but it isn't realistic with our departure schedule. Every year the students tell me what fun they had. I even have some students coming with us from 2 years ago. So it definately leaves an impression.

Please pray that the students would have a fun time and realize that a life following God isn't all hard work and sorrow. Please pray that the students will come to the Bible discussions that the Compas students and stinters will have. These discussions will be in Russian so that they can better understand the topic (whether they are good English speakers or poor English speakers).

Thanks and see you soon ... Rod

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