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Update from RU

Hello all,

A lot is happening and we've had no "down time" to tell our tale.

This is the first time I've had to visit an internet cafe and check email. Thanks for all the comments and encouragement.

It started snowing on Tuesday and is still going. It isn't too bad, but for the native Texans in our group, it is quite a novelty.

We are making good contacts for the Compass team and getting to meet all sorts of people. We are going to play a scavenger hunt tonight before the Thursday meeting ... ummm that's a scavenger hunt in the snow!! Should be fun for the Russian students and the Americans both.

Thanks again for all who are praying for us, keep it up!

With love from Russia (just hadda say that ...)


P.S. remind me to tell ya about Wed. night; funny story.

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