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My Dad's Progress

Thanks to Bun-girl, Milton Stanley, and The Bird for their prayers after reading my previous post. And thanks to all my friends at work for praying for my Dad, it means a lot to my Dad and me.

My Dad just got his second treatment last week. The first treatment went pretty well, no major illness but a lot of aches and pains. He was feeling great and doing all of his usual work when he found out his white blood count was 1.something (should be 4-11). So he had to be careful not to get sick, avoid shaking hands, people who are sick, use hand sanitizer, etc... But in 1 weeks time he rebounded to a healthy 6.something! We'll see how this round goes.

When he went in for the second treatment, they ran all the usual tests and said there was significant shrinkage in the mass. That's good news! And the doctor said the lymphoma is gone ... but how can the lymphoma be gone when there is still a mass? Nonetheless, the doctor said "gone", that's my new favorite word "gone" :-))

So here is how you can pray for our family:

  1. That my Dad's white blood cell count stays high
  2. That my Mom would have strength and peace thru all this
  3. That the lymphoma will really be gone and stay gone
  4. That the mass will continue to shrink and be gone too

I will be in Arkansas this weekend and I might have more info next week. Please keep up the praying!

This is a pic from my grandma Eileen's wedding:

Rodney n Family

2 Responses to “My Dad's Progress”:

  1. Thanks for reading my post and comments that follow ...
  2. I'll pray for your Dad. Keep believing that the mass will disappear, IT WILL. Send it as much positive energy you can.


  3. Will keep praying for your dad. Peace.


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