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Visa ... confused

I saw a Visa commercial on MNF. A guy gets a promo/spam letter from Visa saying you can win a refund for all your 2004 Visa purchases. Guy says to wife (that's an assumption) "Too bad you didn't buy that much stuff this year". Flashback to all her purchases and her squirreling/hiding them away (aka. violation of marriage commitment).

Then the "fine print" speak says "no purchase necessary" ... Arrrugh? Wait a minute, no purchase necessary to get a refund on purchases?

I know that companies cannot require a purchase for promos, else it becomes a lottery and/or gambling and that is not permitted in some states. So "no purchase necessary" is a legal disclaimer. But if the promo is to get refunds for "purchases" and there is a no "purchase" necessary disclaimer; does that not exclude people w/o "purchases"? Which really means you must have "purchases" to qualify? Which means this is a lottery/gambling? Which is illegal?

Does anybody else find this confusing (or as we say in Texas "kornfusing")? It ranks up there with "send in your box tops to enter (no purchase necessary)"!!

Is anybody else feed up with all the "run of the mill" commercial cr@p we are supposed to swallow? Does anybody else watch TV w/ their brain engaged? I could cite a million examples ... but I won't.

Next time you watch a commercial (especially from car manufacturers), count the number of "shots". I.e. you see a car, you see a guy, you see a family, you see them driving on the road, etc... Any angle shift (right side, left side, close up, full shot, etc...); count it! If the number is over ~8, you are being spammed w/o knowing it! And most commercials go WAY over 8. A rush of images is a way to overload you and make you "swallow" the pitch. There are many other techniques, but this one is easy to spot. Maybe I should do a post on marketing techniques ... maybe I will, but it will take a lot of time.

I've counted over 20 shots in a 30 second commercial ... you figure out the average shot duration.

Another easy spotting technique is to mute the TV and see if a familiar commercial is half as interesting as before ... most likely it is not. Try it.

You may think, ease up fella. Maybe I should. But all commercials have 1 goal, make you dissatisfied with what you have and so create a "need" for the "product". And the advertising firm doesn't really care what the "product" is, they only care about creating a "need" in you. Because more than likely you already have something that fulfills the need just fine, but to sell you something you must need their product MORE ... that's when they get paid.

Sorry for the rant, but keep your eyes, ears, and brains turned ON.

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  1. Thanks for reading my post and comments that follow ...
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  3. > if you would be interested in receiving some
    > free content and promotional materials from
    > some my marketing clients


    At first I thought this was a joke, and a very good one at that. But then I viewed the poster's profile and she is in marketing! Q: did you bother to read my post at all?

    Ok, let's put this into small words so you can get it.

    I do not want spam. I do not want promos. I do not want a free T-shirt. I do not want to be called at home with 1 time offers. I do not want a credit card with an "introductory rate" of any sort. I do not want them on a train, I do not want them on a plane, I would not want them in a car.

    ... Get it?


  4. I figured there would be comments on this post, but I didn't think span would hit your blog so close to its inception! Geeze! Does blogger have any anti-spammings services? It'd be a shame to have to turn off comments completely.

    Anyway, back to your post... I think you raise some excellent points, but I fear the mindlessness with which we watch TV is a symptom of a wider phenomenon. People walk through most of life in a mindless state. As a common friend of ours refers to the unwashed masses - sheeple. I don't mean this to sound elitist, but it is meant to get people to think about whether they are engaged or not.


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