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Russia Email

My first week co teacher Christy sent me this email she received from one of the Compass staff:

Some of the students from your class keep coming to our events. Some guys: Sasha, Sasha and Max are very open. We have a Bible study group for the seekers together and they come every time. They said that they are seeking God and that we have to persuade them that the Bible is the truth. Both Sasha and Sasha said that they were baptized one of them last year and the other one when he was 12 in the orthodox church by their one will. It's not common for the guys. And they said that they did it to be closer to God. They ask many questions about the differences between our church and the orthodox. They ask qustions about suffering, sicknesses, many other things. Please pray for them, that they won't be stolen by the enemy, but God would protect them and draw them to Him.
Our new believers are awesome. Do you remember that 2 girls accepted Christ during English classes? They are growing so fast and it gives me so much joy.

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