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Halloween 2006

Halloween 2006 gallery

Just a note to let you know that I finally got a new gallery online. Click here to visit my 2006 Halloween gallery.


Russia 2006 -- Talk the Talk English classes

Here is my Russia 2006 "Talk the Talk" gallery (click here or on the image below):

title image for Russia 2006 gallery

Enjoy ...

P.S. there are 11 (that's right eleven!) movies in here ... can u spot em? :*))


Hi ya ... from London, England

Hey, just a quick note. We left Ekat at 1pm and arrived in London at 1:35pm. Just a 35 minute flight!!!! Ok, not so much but it is weird flying for ~ 16 hours (total trip back home) and landing the same day. Especially when we left Friday and arrived on Sunday on the outbound trip.

We are in Heathrow waiting for our Chicago connection. I hope the weather is more hospitable this time around!


An ironic note: Mark and Meredith got delayed on their return from week one and wound up spending the night in Chicago ... ugggghhhhh. Pray that does not happen to us.

Miss y'all and see ya soon ... Rod


We were babysitting for Darin on Saturday night so he and Susan could go out. Me and his boys were playing soccer in our socks. Let me tell you, soccer in your socks is not a good idea. Me and Alex connected in a pretty hard kick. My foot swelled up big time and I have been hobbling since. The swelling is mostly gone now and I am getting to where I can walk with less of a limp.

Other than that, things have been going fantastic this week. We were still missing one bag (Chris Melton's) until Tuesday of this week. But it arrived and Chris is very glad for that. The classes are great, my class still runs at or above 30 students; which is phenominal (sp?)!

We have 1 class session left (I wish we had another week of classes!). And this weekend is the "Forrset Fun Party". Most of my class has signed up to go. I have also had the opportunity to meet with some of my students from last year and some my be at the weekend retreat.

Please pray that many students would come to the retreat, that each one would hear the gospel clearly, and for our safe and undelayed return.