Wayfaring Stranger

And Jesus wept ...

Hello again, Today I feel compelled to post about a 20/20 show I just watched. The show was about "transgender" children. I was moved enough to go to the abc news site and enter a comment.

This subject is obviously a "lightening rod" for religious comments. Unfortunately there were a lot of "bullhorn guys" leaving comments. What did I think? Stay tuned for my ABCNEWS post. But for you, my readers, I will expand. The scientific part of my brain thinks of DNA and (for the boy transgender) I see the dominant moms in the show. I also see the dominant fathers for the transgender girls. But what I (scientifically) think doesn't matter. See my ABCNEWS post now ....

I am a born again Christian AND IF you are still reading you expect a lot of hate coming, but NOT SO! These are beautiful children and this story made me want to cry. (Actually I did, but as a man I can't admit that in public ;-)

PLEASE EXCUSE any other "religious" negative posts you will see. God loves these children MORE than their parents do. God bless the parents who continue to love these children and be involved in their lives.

God DOES NOT WANT these children to be depressed or attempt suicide or use illegal drugs. I, unfortunately, do not know why this happens but I DO know that God loves them and wants them to love Him and themselves.

Why do Christians (I am one, so I can say this) need to condemn at the drop of a hat? Jesus was ready to LOVE at the drop of a hat. THAT is the message of the Bible, not hate, not condemnation, not "you're a freek".

Note to the "bullhorn guy", take your message of doom elsewhere. These families do NOT need it. Note to those Christians who "get the message of the Bible", please love on these families and offer the same Grace that you received.

Afterthought: there were "bullhorn guys" in the ABC blogs. There were replies that showed more Biblical insight by the transgender community than by the bullhorn community. Christians were complacent for long enough to let abortion, removal of prayer in school, removal of the 10 commandments, etc... to pass into law. But MUST WE SHOOT abortion doctors and innocent kids? I am not saying that "all paths lead to God", but I AM saying that we MUST demonstrate Jesus in our everyday walk. We are the savor of "life unto life" and not "death unto death".

One last thing, a song lyric that comes to mind:

Rescue the perishing, care for the dying,
Jesus is merciful, Jesus will save.