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Re-done 2003 Russia photo album ... with comments

I was never quite happy with my 2003 gallery. No comments and other stuff anoyed me. So I just redid it in light of the up coming trip. And I added in the comments I had in ofoto! Take a look.

If you viewed my recent Russia presentation, then you'll recognize a lot of the comments that went into that. But hey, I never claimed to be original!!


Russia presentation

I am going to be giving a presentation at my Dad's church this weekend and I thought it would be cool to let you see it.

First, let me note a couple of things:

  • I dont usually create webpages with a "best viewed in resolution x*y", but since this is a fullscreen presentation ... this page is best viewed in at least 1024x768 resolution
  • This is a fullscreen webpage, so press F11 after you click on the link below
  • You can move around the slides with Page Up, Page Down, Home, and End (these should do what you think they would do)
  • If you are using IE and move your mouse to the lower right corner, you should see a forward, back, and page menu
  • What you wont see is my witty commentary :-p

Ok, so now the legalities are out of the way, here is my Russia slideshow presentation. Hope you like it.

A link of interest inside the presentation is to my 2005 prayer and support letter.

If you would like to see the blog posts I made from Russia last year, click here.


Praise! Praise!

Latest on my Dad. He had his first 2 month checkup (about 1.5 weeks ago ... I'm a bad blogger). The doctor really down played the "swolen lymph node" xray. He said the technician made too much out of it, probably a shadow or something. So they are planning on surgery to remove the chemo port. So why is surgery good news??? Because they can leave the port in for up to 3 years as a contingency plan ... but they dont think that is necessary!

They wont say the "R" word (remission) until 4 years has passed, but you cant have 4 years unless you at least pass 6 months. Or at least that's the way I figure it :-)

I'm going to Arkansas this weekend to see the fam and it's my Dad's bday ... wooohooo what a present that is!

Keep up the prayers, it means a lot