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Thursday in RU

On Thursday, we did not have an English class. Instead of the class, we had a scavenger hunt. We had to run all over Ekat getting digital pictures of different things. One of the items was find a policeman and get him to command you to stand in a funny pose and get a pic. We all had a blast.

The "finish line" was a meeting hall where Compas has its Thursday student meetings. We have soda, water, cookies, etc... for the students. While everybody was eating and talking, Oleg (a Russian staffer) downloaded all the pictures and made a slideshow on a big screen. We passed out info on the "Forrest Party" retreat next Saturday.

After that Oleg invited all of the English class students to stay for the normal Thursday night meeting. Some left, but many stayed. Darin told us that the meeting that night was at least twice the size of any previous meeting! Slava Boga (Praise God)! I was encouraged (and surprised) to see who from my class stayed. One guy in my class had a video camera, and I saw other students with video cameras. That means when they want to remember this week, they will have a worship service on tape. Wow! The lesson was given by one of our team members. That's cool, but what is really cool is that both sides of the stage had a hammer and sickle. So here is 10 Americans in Russia reading from the Bible inside a Soviet Union building! God really does work beyond all that we can ask or think.

Please pray for the retreat next Saturday. Pray that all the students will attend and that they will continue to build relationships w/ Compas. And that they will not be afraid to have faith in God.

Later ...

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  1. Thanks for reading my post and comments that follow ...
  2. Hi Rodney JR!
    Evangelism Boot Camp in Dallas was a life altering experience. I'll e-mail you later about that. What did YOU pack for winter in Russia?? When I went to vacuum your house before we left, I found your fur lined Russian hat perched on top of the vacuum handle!! No snow in Texas! Actually, it was so beautiful that we mowed your lawn for you so you wouldn't have to worry about that when you come home!
    :-) Sounds like your trip has been wonderful so far, we will continue to pray for all the needs you listed.
    Roxie & Kara


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