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Getting close to the end

Preevyet Americancies,

We are having a great time here. Our schedule is beginning to wear on those of us here for 2 weeks. But we are having a blast.

Good news, 2 students have accepted Christ this week! This is awesome news since it took months before we heard of people coming to God last year.

Each night I feel like I don't want the day to end because that brings us 1 day closer to leaving. Some encouraging things we've seen is the Thursday meeting with students was twice as big as any Thursday meething that Compass has had in Yekaterinburg. And on Wednesday Darin plays b-ball with students, they had double the number of students show up to play. That means that the part of our mission which is to introduce students to Compass is working!

Please keep praying for us as we finish up our weeks and start our return home. And please pray for us to adjust back to American life and time as we arrive back home on Sunday.

Thx!! Rodney

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  1. Thanks for reading my post and comments that follow ...
  2. Hi Jr. learning how to use a blog Roxie is here giving me instructions.......... Hope that you have a safe trip home, and glad for the good report. I can forgo the snow though!!!!!!!!!!


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